Andrzej Fetish Frankowski

Photo gallery

Photo Gallery
Fine Art Nudes and Portraits

Black-and-white and color
photos in the studio and in nature


Photo album: Kobiety (Women)
Fine art nudes and portraits

144 pages, 123 photos
(78 colors and 45 B&W).


Sesje fotograficzne

Photos for sale

Prints and files for sale
Best quality, limited editions


Portraits and Fine Art Nude Photography

Romantic and erotic at the same time; so beautiful that they seem unreal and at the same time full of truth and sincere emotions; full of expression, yet extremely subtle - this is how one could describe the works of Andrzej Frankowski. The power of his imagination and sensitivity takes us on a unique journey across his own search of the world in which he would feel comfortable and safe. Andrzej's photographs are a tale of a man longing for completion and for a woman who would help him achieve it.


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